In today’s world, many non-Christians avoid reading anything that hints of Christianity. In light of this, as a Christian apologist who has written several books, I have spent a lot of time thinking about ways to initiate conversations with unbelievers; ways in which they will listen and give us a fair hearing (I give other examples in my book, Engaging the Closed Minded).

One of the reasons I promote my book in apologetic and evangelistic circles is because I believe that it has the potential of being a terrific conversation started—point of contact—with non-Christian pet owners and people who love wildlife and animals in general. There are more than 40 million households in America alone with just dogs, and probably even more with cats. Most of us have unbelieving family and friends with pets, and we’d like to share our faith them. This blog (and the book it’s based on) can help.

Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven?: People, Pets, and Wild Animals in the Afterlife—and upcoming blog series I’ll begin next week—is not just about animals. As the subtitle implies, it’s also about people. It includes four chapters specifically about Heaven, as well as chapters on how we can know human (as well as animal) souls are immortal. In terms of evangelism and apologetics, the blogs and book can be a gentle and non-confrontational way to introduce unbelievers to a fascinating feature of Christianity they may have never considered—or been confused about: The wonderful reality of Heaven.

If you share this new blog series with non-Christian Facebook friends and family members (or better yet recommend my book), they will learn about the breathless wonders of Heaven awaiting God’s people—and meet Jesus Christ in the process. ©

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