General Endorsements:

“Dan Story has taken the oft-times esoteric and obscurantist art of apologetics and brought it back to where it belongs, with the people of God. His teaching simplifies without being simplistic, it is an apologetics that needs no apology. Seeking to answer the doubts of contemporary man, his teaching will challenge the unbeliever and embolden the believer.”

R. C. Sproul
Chairman, Ligonier Ministries

“You [Dan Story] are a very clear writer who covers the issues carefully and skillfully.”

J. P. Moreland
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology

Book Endorsements:

Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven?:  People, Pets, and Wild Animals in the Afterlife

“A powerful case for animal immortality, well-researched and well-written.”

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Ph.D, Th.D. Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Concordia University; Director, International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights, Strasbourg, France.

Should Christians Be Environmentalists?

“Your book is a very fine piece of work. I especially liked the final section directed to the non-Christian (shows real concern for the unbeliever).”

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Ph.D., Th.D.
Professor Emeritus of Law and Humanities, University of Bedfordshire, England; Distinguished Research Professor of Apologetics, Patrick Henry College Director, International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights, Strasbourg, France

“Dan Story does a really good job describing the biblical framework of creation and how it fits with God’s plans. . . . Story does a good job providing a Bible-based explanation of what environmental ethics should look like for the Christian, including many citations of scriptures. . . . Should Christians Be Environmentalists? is a compelling call for action on the part of the Christian Church.”

Richard L. Deem
Director of Evidence for God from Science; molecular biologist and medical researcher; author and co-author of scientific studies.

The Christian Combat Manual

“A master textbook providing knowledge and impetus for vibrantly effective witnessing on today’s Christian battlefront. . . . Author Dan Story, noted author and defender of the faith, immediately leaps onto and into his subject with a decisive look at where the church has failed and how to repair this failure. . . . Besides being a challenging, Christian growth book, The Christian Combat Manual functions well as a macro textbook providing a curriculum for branching out further into the individual subjects relevant to witnessing in today’s community.”

Donna Eggett
Christian Book Previews.com

“I have read all of Dan Story’s books and I think The Christian Combat Manual is his best yet. Dan Story is a first-rate Christian apologist with the unique ability to synthesize and summarize complex material and make it more palatable for the average thoughtful layman. This book is an excellent overview of the major themes in Christian apologetics. . . . This book would be an excellent choice for small group study, high school or college ministry, or for any thoughtful Christian who wants a succinct overview of the reasons Christianity is true, and why the major worldview competitors simply do not possess the same explanatory power.”

Jeff Vannoy,
Seminar Speaker, CrossExamined.org, and Bible Teacher

“Dan Story reveals once again in his newest book—The Christian Combat Manual—that he is one of the most practical voices in contemporary apologetics in the Church today. . . . Although this book is an excellent starting place for those new to the study of apologetics, or even new to the faith, it is also for those who have felt equipped in the WHAT and WHY of what they believe—but have felt lacking in the HOW aspect of contending for the faith. The unique factor of The Christian Combat Manual is that woven throughout is the HOW of apologetics. . . .HOW do I put this knowledge into practice in my everyday life.”

Ross Chenault
Director, Standing Firm Ministries
Author and Seminar Speaker, Christian Apologetics

Engaging the Closed Minded

Dan Story’s book provides valuable insights into reaching the modern skeptical mind. . . . Every Christian serious about evangelism should add this tactical book to their library. This is one of the best ‘how to’ apologetic books in print today.

Dr. Frank Harber
Professor of Evangelism
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Christianity on the Offense

“This generation of authors has yet to produce a new C. S. Lewis or Francis Schaeffer, but Story comes awfully close in his new book. . . .  Christianity on the Offense is one of the finest apologetics for evangelism in years.”

CBA Marketplace

Defending Your Faith

“This may be most important apologetics book for lay readers since Josh McDowell’s Evidence that Demands a Verdict.”

Elliot Miller
Editor-in-Chief, Christian Research Journal

“[Defending Your Faith] goes beyond Paul E. Little’s justly famous Know Why You Believe and shows Mr. Story’s ability to synthesize scholarly apologetic material for the average reader. The book is, however, not just understandable; it is ‘meaty enough’ to challenge the educated skeptic.”

Dr. Rod Rosenbladt
Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Apologetics
Christ College Irvine

Defending the Faith Library

“This is to recommend in the strongest terms the “Apologetic Briefs” prepared by Dan Story under the auspices of Defending the Faith Ministries. Mr. Story took his Master of Arts degree in Apologetics under my direction, and I am gratified and proud to see the fruits of his fine scholarship in the defense of historic Biblical faith. In an age of increasing secularism and religious indifferentism, these booklets are just what the doctor ordered. I trust that they will receive the widest possible dissemination.”

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Ph.D., Th.D.
Professor Emeritus of Law and Humanities, University of Bedfordshire, England Distinguished Research Professor of Apologetics, Patrick Henry College Director, International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights, Strasbourg, France

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