Published Works

will-dogs-chase-cats-in-heaven-cover Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven?: People, Pets, and Wild Animals in the Afterlife
(Kingdom Come Publications, 2016).

Should Christians Be Environmentalists?
(Kregel Publications, 2012).
Where Wild Things Live: Wildlife Watching Techniques and Adventures
The Christian Combat Manual; Helps for Defending your Faith: A Handbook for Practical Apologetics
(AMG Publishers—2007).
Engaging the Closed Minded; Presenting Your Faith to the Confirmed Unbeliever,
with a forward by John Warwick Montgomery
Christianity on the Offense; Responding to the Beliefs and Assumptions of Spiritual Seekers
Defending Your Faith; Reliable Answers for a New Generation of Seekers and Skeptics.
Originally published in 1992 by Thomas Nelson, republished by Kregel Publications (1997) and reprinted 2007.

• Numerous nature, ecology, and environmental related articles published in magazines and other periodicals, including the Christian Research Journal.

• Fifteen apologetic booklets, The Defending the Faith Library. First published
by Defending the Faith Ministries, 1990, 1991. Third printing by Joy Publishing,

Dan Story’s books can be purchased and/or ordered at many Christian bookstores
or online at:

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