Evangelizing the Tough-Minded (Christian Apologetics)

Dan offers a series of one to two hour talks on a variety of apologetic topics. These talks are designed to train believers in the defense of the Christian faith—in particular, how to answer the “tough” questions raised by non-Christians in witnessing encounters. Emphasis is on the use of apologetics in evangelism, apologetic tactics, and practical responses to long-standing and contemporary apologetic issues. Students will learn not only how to defend Christianity, but also how to challenge the beliefs of unbelievers themselves—how to take apologetic information and apply it in witnessing encounters.  Two hour presentations can include volunteer role-playing.

Topics Include:

  • Evidence for the existence of God—refuting the “New Atheism.”
  • Creation vs. evolution—what does the scientific evidence support?
  • Intelligent Design: new evidence for creation by design.
  • Is Truth true for everyone – or personal opinions and beliefs?
  • The problem of evil—why is their pain and suffering in the world if God loves us and could stop it? (“Why do bad things happen to good people?”).
  • The fate of people who never heard of Jesus Christ—has God provided a way for them to be saved through Christ?
  • The deity and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Evidence for the truth and reliability of the Bible.
  • Naturalism and postmodernism—contemporary apologetic challenges.
  • Apologetic tactics—how to use apologetics in witnessing encounters.

People, Pets, and Wild Animals in the Afterlife

Dan offers a talk, accompanied by thirty-six beautiful PowerPoint sides, on the biblical evidence that pets and wild animals will join God’s people in Heaven.  The presentation is available to churches, Bible colleges, seminars, and other interested organizations. It is adapted from his new book, Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven?:  People, Pets, and Wild Animals in the Afterlife. 

Based on a thorough analysis of pertinent Old and New Testament passages, a compelling case is made for why we can know God’s created animal life will join His people in the prophesied new heaven and earth. The presentation includes biblical evidences for God’s great love for the animals He created, here on Earth as well as in the age to come; what  the physical environment of Heaven may look like; what kinds of animals will inhabit Heaven and where they will come from; what the relationship among people and animals be like in Heaven; and the biblical evidence that animals, like humans, have been blessed with immortal souls.

Click “contact” on the home page for additional information or to schedule a presentation. Please include location, church or organization, and estimated attendance.

 Christian Environmental Topics

Dan offers one to two hour talks on a variety of Christian environmental topics (“creation care”). Each presentation is accompanied by Power Point slides, which include summaries of major points, Scripture passages, and quotes from notable evangelical environmentalists. Most slides utilize nature and wildlife photographs as background.

Topics include:

  • “Theology of Nature.” A Bible-based study of creation, the Fall, redemption, stewardship, and eschatology as they apply to a biblical Doctrine of Ecology.
  • “Is Environmental Exploitation Sin?” A presentation that explores environmental ethics based on Jesus’ teachings. The talk includes responses to objections concerning Christian involvement in environmental activities.
  • “Is God and Environmentalists?” What the Bible reveals about God’s love, ownership, and provision for wildlife—and will animals be in heaven.
  • “Is ‘Christian Environmentalism’ an Oxymoron?” What is a Christian environmentalist, and how does he or she differ from a secular environmentalist? What does a Christian environmentalist believe?
  • “Are Non-Christian Religions More Environmentally Responsible Than Christianity?”  An apologetic response to religious and secular challenges to Bible-based creation care.
  • “Ecological Evangelism” A look at the tremendous evangelistic opportunities inherent in creation care ministries—especially as an outreach to college students and other young adults, secular environmentalists, and followers of nature-based religions.

All presentations are available to churches, Christian high schools, Christian and secular colleges, retreats, and similar venues. Copies of Dan’s Should Christians Be Environmentalists? (and his other books) will be available at discounted rates.

Wildlife Watching—how to find and observe wildlife in their native habitats (without frightening them away!).

This beautiful Power Point program is offered as a one or two hour presentation. It’s based on Dan’s book, Where Wild Things Live; Wildlife Watching Techniques and Adventures, and is designed to instruct participants on how to find and observe wildlife in a variety of natural habitats without frightening the animals away (forest, desert, chaparral, meadow, and aquatic habitats). Slides include striking photographs of American wildlife in their native habitats. Wildlife watching in urban and suburban areas is included. Topics of special interest include bird watching, exploring “mini-environments” (the haunts of insects and spiders) and wildlife watching after dark. This program is offered to youth groups, camps and retreats, park visitor centers, libraries, nature stores, natural history associations, outfitting stores, churches, and other interested organizations. Copies of Dan’s book, Where Wild Things Live, will be available for purchase.

For fees and to schedule any of the above programs, click on “contact” above and send him a request.

Please include location, church or organization, and estimated attendance.

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