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    1. Thanks Susan for your interest, and I have added you to my blog email list. I usually post notices to followers on Mondays, the same day I post a new weekly blot.

    1. Thanks for your interest; I’ve added you to my personal blog email list. I post notices (usually) every Monday, and post the blog itself twice weekly, Monday and Thursday.

  1. I would like to be added to your mailing list. Being a student apologist, mentored by the late Gretchen Passantino, I greatly appreciate your blog posts. Thank you for adding to my knowledge as the Lord guides my studies in furthering my education in apologetics and, above all, growth in Christ. God bless you, Dan!

    1. Thanks Karen. I have added you to my blog email list. I usually send out notices on Mondays for that week’s blog post. Gretchen was a wonderful apologists and faithful believer. We all miss her (and Bob). I wish you God’s blessing in your own apologetic ministries.

  2. I just picked up your book @ a thrift in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada….”DEFENDING YOUR FAITH”

    do put me on your email list……..

    1. Thanks Douglas, I hope you enjoy it–been my longest running book and the most popular. You might wish to check out my newest book–unique for an apologist to write on. It’s on the homepage of my website. Click on the cover photo and it will take you to my Amazon reviews. I have added you to my blog email list, which I usually post on Mondays. Thanks for your interest.

  3. I would like to be added to your mailing list, please. I am one of those fledgling “$1” apologists, and I find your articles very useful. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thanks Val, I have added you to my email mailing list (which I don’t share with anyone), and you should receive notices when I post a blog (usually on Mondays).

  4. Sorry, I never wrote supplemental material for study groups. When I teach apologetic classes based on my book, I give reading assignments the week before and then ask thought questions based on the material read the next week. That seems to work well. In larger classes, I also have role-playing, were some students play the role of Christians and answer challenges ask by the other students, representing non-Christians. I keep the challenges based on that topic currently being studied. I hope this helps, and thanks for your interest.

      1. If you google Joy Publishing and go to their website, they are still listed. They were originally published in 1990, and eventually became the basis of my first book, DEFENDING YOUR FAITH. Every once in a while, even after 26 years, I still get requests for them, but I have not sold them myself since the mid 90s. I appreciate your interest, and I hope they are still available.

  5. I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational books, especially “Engaging the Closed Minded”. I was needing a know a way to teach others, mainly cult members, the importance of Christ and the “correct” word of the Bible. Your book allowed to do that.

    I’m currently enrolled in school to be a minister. My instructor had also graduated from Trinity International University.

    God Bless

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