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Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven?
People, Pets, and Wild Animals in the Afterlife

It is estimated that 70 – 80 million dogs and 74 – 96 million cats are pets in the United States. It’s not surprising, therefore, that one of the heartfelt concerns burdening many pet owners is whether or not they will be reunited with their faithful companions in Heaven. After three years of careful research, I believe my newest book provides the answer—which is YES!

But answering this question is just part of Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven? Below is a short summary of the main features of the book. (The chapter titles are listed at the end of this description.)

Although Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven will certainly comfort and encourage people grieving over the death of their pets, there is much more to it than the eternal destiny of pets. If you’ve previously read books on this subject, you’ll immediate see why my book differs from others in this genre. It is not sentimental fluff. Nor is it a superficial treatment of the topic. It is written for ordinary readers, yet it is comprehensive enough to satisfied the theologically and scientifically minded. At the same time, the book is just plain fun to read. I include many of my personal experiences as well as anecdotal stories and accounts from popular novelists, animal researchers, and even well-known theologians and scholars.

Most fascinating of all, I look closely at the biblical evidence for the immortality of animal souls, and provide compelling evidence for why we can be certain that earthly animals will be resurrected alongside God’s people, and join them in the prophesied new heaven and earth. I know this is an incredulous statement, but this book will demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that it’s true. Amazingly – as I’ll also show – this conclusion is supported by modern studies in animal behavior and brain science.

Written from a Christian perspective, Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven? reveals God’s great love, concern, and provision for the animals He created—here on Earth as well as in Heaven—and the tremendous joy and pleasure He derives from all non-human life. The book explores the biblical record of human/animal relationships on this Earth, what the “New Earth” (Heaven) will probably look like, where it will be located, and the relationship between humans and animals in Heaven.

Altogether, Will Dogs Chase Cat in Heaven? is gratifying book to read: a  thoroughly researched and thoughtful treatment of the relationship of God, humans, and the animal kingdom – here on Earth and in the Heaven.

Table of Contents:


1. Do Animals Have Value to God Independent of Their Value to Humans?

Part One: Scientific and Biblical Evidence for Animal Immortality

2. What do Recent Studies in Animal Behavior Reveal? More Than You Might Imagine!

3. What Do Animals Think, Feel, and Experience?

4. Animals Have Souls, but Are They Immortal Souls?

Part Two: People, Pets, and Wildlife in the New Heaven and Earth

5. Where will the Prophesied Eternal Home of God’s People and Animals Be Located?

6. What Will the Eternal Home of God’s People and Animals Be Like?

7. What Kinds of Animals Will Inhabit the New Heaven and Earth?

Part Three: Animal Resurrection and the Possibility of “Talking”
with Animals in Heaven

8. Will Our Pets and Other Animals Be Resurrected?

9. Bible Scholars Who Believe in the Probability of Animal Resurrection

10. Will People and Animals “Talk” to Each Other in Heaven?

For the Glory of God

Appendix One: Mind Verses Brain: Scientific Evidence for Human and Animal Immortality

Appendix Two: Harmonizing the Differences between Old and New Testament Accounts of the New Heaven and Hearth

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  1. Thanks Joe. I understand completely. I too have had to turn down requests because of other obligations. I wish your family, and especially your daughter and her new husband, God’s blessing on her wedding–and all people involved. Once my book is released, I won’t be sending out PDFs afterwards, but I do hope you find time to read the book anyway. A review anytime will be greatly appreciated.

    The young woman you mentioned is not the first time I’ve heard such sad stories. You would think pastors would be more sensitive how they answer that question for young people. In my book I quote a response Bill Graham gave to a child who asked a similar question. I don’t know Graham’s position on animals’ eternal destiny, but his response was perfect for a child. Thanks for your response.

  2. I’m hoping it will be released by the end of September, or shortly after. I will be posting notices on Facebook and sending notices to people on my personal blog email list (which you can be added to by sending me an email request). I am also planning on asking people who are interested in the topic to read a PDF file of the manuscript and then write an advanced review for Amazon. Those who write the review I’ll send a free copy of the book when it’s released. Let me know if you would be interested.

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